Edward Woodward


Becket (1964)

Incense for the Damned (1970)

Young Winston (1972)

The Wicker Man (1973)


Doctor Holstrom

Captain Aylmer Haldane


Callan (1974)

Wet Job (1981)

David Callan

Who Dares Wins (1982)

A Christmas Carol (1984)

Hands of a Murderer (1990 TV Film)

Commander Powell

Ghost of Christmas Present

Sherlock Holmes


'The Saint'

Season 5 (1967)

The Persistent Patriots

Jack Liskard

'Callan' Season 1 (1967)

A Magnum for Schneider

The Good Ones Are All Dead

You Should Have Got Here Sooner

David Callan

'Callan' Season 2 (1969)

Red Knight, White Knight

    The Most Promising Girl          of Her Year     

The Little Bits and Pieces of Love

Let's Kill Everybody

Heir Apparent


Death of a Friend

The Worst Soldier I Ever Saw

Nice People Die at Home

Death of a Hunter

David Callan

'Callan' Season 3 (1970)

Where Else Could I Go?

Summoned to Appear

The Same Trick Twice

A Village Called 'G'

Suddenly - At Home


Act of Kindness

God Help Your Friends


Amos Green Must Live

David Callan

'Callan' Season 4 (1972)

That'll Be the Day

Call Me Sir!

First Refusal

Rules of the Game


If He Can, So Could I

None of Your Business

Charlie Says It's Goodbye

I Never Wanted the Job


The Carrier

The Contract

The Richmond File

David Callan

'Armchair Cinema'

Season 1 (1975)



'Winston Churchill - The Wilderness Years'               Season 1                                 (1981)                  

Down and Out

Politics Are Foul

Sir Samuel Hoare

'The Equalizer'

'Five Days'

Season 1 (1987)

Season 1 (2007)





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'Armchair Cinema'

Hands of a Murderer