Rod Serling


'The Twilight Zone'      Season 1           (1959 - 1960)     

Where Is Everybody?

Walking Distance

A World of His Own

Self - Host

'The Twilight Zone'      Season 2           (1960 - 1961)     

King Nine Will Not Return

The Man in the Bottle

Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

A Thing About Machines

The Howling Man


Eye of the Beholder

Nick of Time

The Lateness of the Hour

The Trouble with Templeton

A Most Unusual Camera


The Night of the Meek


Back There

The Whole Truth

The Invaders


A Penny for Your Thoughts









Self - Host

'Night Gallery'      Season 1           (1969 - 1971)     

The Dead Man

The Housekeeper

Room with a View

The Little Black Bag

The Nature of the Enemy


The House

Certain Shadows on the Wall

Make Me Laugh

Clean Kills and Other Trophies

Pamela's Voice


Lone Survivor

The Doll

They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar

The Last Laurel

Self - Host

'Night Gallery'      Season 2           (1971 - 1972)     

Death in the Family

Class of '99

Witches' Feast

Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay

The Flip Side of Satan


A Fear of Spiders

Marmalade Wine

The Academy

The Phantom Farmhouse

Silent Snow, Secret Snow


Silent Snow, Secret Snow

A Question of Fear

The Devil Is Not Mocked

Midnight Never Ends



The Diary

Big Surprise

Professor Peabody's Last Lecture

House - With Ghost

A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank


Dr Stringfellow's Rejuvenator

The Dark Boy

Keep in Touch We'll Think of Something

Self - Host

'Night Gallery'      Season 3           (1972 - 1973)     

The Return of the Sorcerer

The Girl with the Hungry Eyes

Fright Night

Rare Objects

Spectre in Tap-Shoes


The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes

You Can Come Up Now, Mrs Millikan

Smile, Please

The Other Way Out

Finnegan's Flight


She'll Be Company for You

Something in the Woodwork

Death on a Barge


The Doll of Death

Self - Host