Arthur Lowe


Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)

The Green Man (1956)

Go to Blazes (1962)

This Sporting Life (1963)

    if.... (1968)

The Reporter

Radio Salesman


Charles Slomer

Mr Kemp

Fragment of Fear (1970)

Dad's Army (1971)

Theatre of Blood (1973)

Man About the House  (1974) 

Mr Nugent

Captain Mainwaring

Horace Sprout


Philby, Burgess and Maclean (1977)

The Lady Vanishes (1979)

Britannia Hospital (1982)





'Scotland Yard'

'Pardon the Expression'

'The Avengers'

Season 1 (1955)

Season 2 (1966)

Season 6 (1967)

Murder Anonymous

The Jailbirds

Dead Man's Treasure

Fingerprint Expert



'Dad's Army' Season 1 (1968)

The Man and the Hour

Museum Piece

Command Decision


The Enemy Within the Gates

The Showing Up of Corporal Jones

Shooting Pains

Captain George Mainwaring

'Dad's Army' Season 2 (1969)

Operation Kilt

The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage

Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret

Captain George Mainwaring

'Dad's Army' Season 3 (1969)

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

Battle School

The Lion Has Phones

The Bullet Is Not for Firing

Something Nasty in the Vault


Room at the Bottom

Big Guns

The Day the Balloon Went Up

War Dance

Menace from the Deep



Man Hunt

No Spring for Frazer

Sons of the Sea

Captain George Mainwaring

'Dad's Army' Season 4 (1970)

The Big Parade

Don't Forget the Diver

Boots, Boots, Boots

Sgt - Save My Boy!

Don't Fence Me In


Absent Friends

Put That Light Out!

The Two and a Half Feathers



Captain George Mainwaring / Sergeant Ironside


'The Galton & Simpson Playhouse'


'Bless Me Father'

Season 9 (1970)

Season 1 (1977)

Season 1 (1979)

Season 2 (1980)

The Emperor's Oblong Pancake

Car Along the Pass

Episode 1

A Back to Front Wedding


Henry Duckworth



'A J Wentworth, B.A.'      Season 1           (1982)      

A Day in the Life of...

Mud Larks

Problems, Problems


IIIA Goes to War

Founder's Day

The Outsider

A J Wentworth

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'Pardon the Expression'