Originally produced for Cinema. Broadcast later on TV in UK and USA.


'Scotland Yard'

(1953 - 1961)


Directed by 
Gerard Bryant 
Paul Dickson 
Allan Davis 
Peter Duffell 
George Hales 
Ken Hughes 
Kenneth Hume 
John Knight 
Geoffrey Muller 
David Paltenghi 
Montgomery Tully 

Hosted by

Edgar Lustgarten

1 The Drayton Case 11 Night Plane to Amsterdam 21 Inside Information 31 The Ghost Train Murder
2 The Missing Man 12 The Stateless Man 22 The Case of the Smiling Widow 32 The Dover Road Mystery
3 The Candlelight Murder 13 The Mysterious Bullet 23 The White Cliffs Mystery 33 The Last Train
4 The Blazing Caravan 14 Murder Anonymous 24 The Tyburn Case 34 Evidence in Concrete
5 The Dark Stairway 15 The Wall of Death 25 The Mail Van Murder 35 The Silent Weapon
6 Late Night Final 16 The Case of the River Morgue 26 Night Crossing 36 The Grand Junction Case
7 The Silent Witness 17 Destination Death 27 Print of Death 37 Wings of Death
8 The Strange Case of Blondie 18 Person Unknown 28 The Cross-Road Gallows 38 The Square Mile Murder
9 Fatal Journey 19 The Lonely House 29 Crime of Honour 39 The Never Never Murder
10 Passenger to Tokyo 20 Bullet from the Past 30 The Unseeing Eye   The End